About Us

The Vermont Granite Museum was founded by a coalition of over 300 Central Vermont citizens in 1994 as way to preserve the story and memories of our community’s granite industry.  Since that time we have worked relentlessly to salvage the historic Jones Brothers Manufacturing plant and turn it into a museum. Our building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Construction started in 1998, and capital improvements are made every year.   We are still under development which  means  that we are working hard to complete the construction of the museum while also hosting guests and giving tours, designing exhibits, presenting events, and teaching workshops.  Our wonderful Ex. Director, Scott McLaughlins works with a team of volunteers to keep us open to tourists and visiting organizations during the summer.  We have a number of great events this year so please visit our events page to discover what you might attend.  We especially welcome the opportunity to host group visits or rent our facility for special events and conferences. Please call Scott McLaughlin at 802-476-4605, to arrange a special museum visit or to arrange an event. .

Our purpose

The Vermont Granite Museum’s purpose is to engage, educate, and celebrate with a global audience the heritage and current accomplishments of Vermont’s granite industry. We will do so by acquiring and sharing collections, stories, and demonstrating skills that define the industry’s collective identity and guides its future.

Our mission

The Vermont Granite Museum’s mission is to preserve, honor, and showcase Vermont’s granite heritage and industry. The Museum’s Stone Arts School’s mission is to be North America’s premier source of information and education for the stone arts.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a vibrant gathering place that promotes the understanding of and respect for the people, cultures, skills, and businesses that were and are involved in Vermont’s granite industry through hands-on experience, outreach, and education.

Our core values

The Museum’s success is based on fulfilling our responsibility to our community, partners, and audience. Therefore we pledge that we will operate with integrity, respect, trust, cooperation, inclusiveness, commitment to excellence, and legal, ethical and fiscal responsibility.



Alicia Calcagni, Chair
Michael Pope, Vice Chair
Jordan Keyes, Secretary
Robert Pope, Treasurer

Gina Akley
Peter Anthony
Doug Grahn
Paul Hutchins
Patricia Meriam

Advisory Members

Mark Gherardi
Steven Mackenzie
Adam Martin


Executive Director, Scott A. McLaughlin, PhD director@vtgranitemuseum.org
Development Director, Stephanie Skenyon, PhD development@vtgranitemuseum.org