Patricia Meriam, Chair
Ageless Preservations
Community organizer
2003 -due 2018

Adam Martin, Secretary
President, Miles Supply
Supplies for the stone industry
2002- due 2017

Paul Hutchins, Treasurer
Executive VP of Administration, Rock of Ages
Granite Manufacturing
1996-due 2017

Peter Anthony, Vice Chair
Former, Mayor of Barre
Retired professor of economics
1996-due 2017

Jeff Martell,
President, Granite Industries of Vermont
Granite Manufacturing
1999-due 2017

Norm Akley
President, Trow and Holden
Manufacturer of stone cutting tools
1995-due 2016

Robert Pope
President and CEO, Swenson Granite
CEO, Rock of Ages
2000-due 2018

Regan Howard
VP, Community National Bank
2012-due 2018

Lucas Herring
Dept of Corrections, IT
City Councilman
2012-due 2018

Pat McDonald
Retired, Dept of Transportation
2014-due 2017

Paige Lamthi
Buttera and Gherardi

Scott McLaughlin
Executive Director,
Full time 2015

Steve Mackenzie
Paul Wood
Eric Gilbertson